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From small beginnings, Lynda (the original platform) was founded by husband and wife team Bruce & Lynda, as online support for her books and classes. It grew until it was bough by LinkedIn for $1.5 billion, which in turn was bought by Microsoft for $26.2 billion

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Introduction to LinkedIn Learning Professional Qualifications

If there’s one company that has its finger on the pulse of what’s hot and what’s not in the world of business, it’s LinkedIn! With such a vast user-base of professionals generating current content and starting industry conversations & debates, as well as possibly the most popular place to post job vacancies, LinkedIn really is a global authority in business trends.

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”… We’ve all heard that, and at some point will have most likely come afoul of exactly that – people leveraging their contacts to gain positions that other candidates are probably more suitable for. Unfortunately this sort of behaviour will continue to happen within the “inner circles” in some industries.

While LinkedIn has the means to proliferate this mindset (entirely out of its control), it also has the means to level the playing field by giving its users the means to promote themselves, add skills and qualifications that make you stand out when employers or recruiters are searching, changing the paradigm to “it is what you know and who you know”

If instead you’re looking to completely overhaul your skillset and gain academic qualifications from red brick universities and can’t find what you’re looking for here then be sure to check out your other options on our Guide to Career ChangeProfessional Partners pages, where you can find additional courses from edX, International Open Academy and DataCamp, to name a few!

LinkedIn Professional Qualifications & Certification

By acquiring Lynda (an already established “go-to” for business training), LinkedIn have made a giant leap in closing the gap between candidates that have the right contacts and those that don’t, allowing individuals to stand out on merit over on an unprecedented scale.

As times are changing and with it the nature of business itself, many are finding themselves in outdates roles that are losing value in the marketplace – people need to update themselves or risk being left behind. We’re not talking drastic changes or jumping ship, but augmenting your current skillset to be more up-to-date: You 2.0!

It’s never a bad idea to brush up on your current business skillset or add a new string to your bow! Maybe you’ve been struggling to get that promotion and need that edge to get you over the line?

There’s no denying that technology is taking over and coming to the forefront of our everyday lives, but with that comes opportunity. Remember when you couldn’t read? No? Well that was the case once, and now look at you!

It seems like an odd notion – to teach someone to “be creative“… The truth is creativity is in us all, whether you think so or not. We’re not here to teach you how to be creative, but rather show you the outlets through which your inner creativity can shine!

This is where LinkedIn Learning flourishes. Below you’ll find everything you need to demonstrate:

  1. Practical Business Skills
  2. Practical Technology Skills
  3. Practical Creative Skills
  4. Continuing Education (CE)/Continued Personal Development (CPD)

You might want to demonstrate your Leadership & Management, Project Management, Human Resources, Marketing or Accounting & Finance skills to upper management. You may even want to dive into the world of Digital Transformation in the wake of the digital revolution

Many people find the prospect of diving into the deep world of technology a daunting challenge, but it needn’t be. From Web Development, Mobile Development & IT Infrastructure through to Network & Systems Administration and Cloud Computing, you’ll soon see there was never anything to worry about after all!

Creative Courses
Online Creative Courses

With these courses you’ll learn how to unleash your creativity through Graphic Design, Web Design, User Experience and Motion Graphics & VFX. You can also learn some tricks to take your Photography skills to the next level. The magic happens when creativity meets technology!

Many companies encourage Continuing Education and Continued Personal Development (CPD), in some cases it’s even enforced by companies so that they themselves can remain a member of a certain association… The dreaded email from HR to update your CPD Diary, don’t they know how busy you are?! You’ve got work to do! But it doesn’t have to be that way, this is your opportunity to stand out, when yours is the only diary that has genuine, valuable accomplishments listed out, quickly overtaking your peers!