One of the world's most prolific MOOC platforms today providing University-level modules and certification

As one of the major global providers of massive open online courses (MOOCs), edX has matured over the years and moved beyond individual modules (which you can still do) to offering full blown Degrees & Masters Degrees from the most prestigious Universities around the world. No matter where you live in the world, the name of edX and its own registered providers carry significant weight. Simply having an edX qualification (or more!) against your name is starting to make employers sit up and take note, putting you ahead of your competition

Introduction to edX Online Courses (MOOCs - Massive Online Open Courses)

The concept of a MOOC was first introduced in 2012, where an explosion of different companies sprung out of Silicon Valley, founded by professors largely from Stanford University, with many of the Ivy League universities clambering to set up platforms of their own.

While these still exist, and you can generally find that most universities now how their own platform, the prospect of allowing access to the highest level education in the world (from Stanford, Harvard, MIT, Berkley, University of Cambridge, Imperial College London and The University of Tokyo, to name just a few), all in one place simply couldn’t be matched. So much so that Stanford University decided to put its faith behind & go “all-in” with the edX platform.

Back then there was everything to play for, with platforms constantly updating in the race to be the best. We at Dayin have been actively involved in these since the start as students, and in some cases building entire careers from learning through these very platforms. Between us we have over 40 different qualifications from a variety of different MOOC platforms.

We’ve watched them grow and adapt, we’ve seen some fall behind and some race ahead. In some case it’s been a shame to see some of the earliest examples fall by the wayside… Platforms that we hold dear out of sentimentality and to which we owe our own careers. But that was then, and this is now, and now it’s our job to put our biases to one side so we can give you pragmatic advice. It’s not all bad news though, because edX was always one of our favourites!

This is higher education at its very best, hardcore, and they mean business! While you can still take a casual approach through edX just for fun, if it’s not top-tier certification you’re looking for right now, you might find something more appropriate in our Guide to Career ChangeProfessional Partners pages or browse some of the most contemporary, practical subjects through International Open Academy.

edX Massive Open Online Courses


The sheer scale of the range of courses available from edX (which themselves are massive – hence MOOC!) means that no matter what you’re looking for, you’ll more than likely find it here! These courses are constantly being updated and cover everything from Arts & Culture through to Advance Linear Algebra and Artificial Intelligence Engineering. For that reason alone we’d be fools to even consider trying to cover everything they provide! But we’ll do our best at guiding you around their comprehensive library, covering:

  1. Main Overview and Course Types
  2. Degrees & Programs
  3. edX for Business

Traditionally offering standalone online courses and modules that were fairly lightweight, edX now has something for everyone, including offering plans for you to train your entire team if you’re a business. Just take a look at which top-tier institution you want to show off on your resume/CV!

That’s right, you did read that correctly, you can now earn a full Bachelors and Masters degree from the comfort of your own home! The options have now grown to mind-boggling levels, no matter who you are, from fledgling academic to executive director, if you’re serious about education, you’re covered!

Whether your business is in the world of tech, finance, social services or, well, pretty much anything, you can sign up for a business package and partner with edX to supply courses and training packages to keep your company ahead of the competition and keep your staff at the cutting edge!