Learn a Language Online with Premium classes in English, Spanish, French & German

As a Cambridge Assessment authorised linguaskill agent, you can add a little bit of Cambridge to your Resume or CV with Lingoda. They certainly put quality above quantity with their small group or individual classes delivered by native speakers which are scheduled and help keep you on course. If you’re looking to learn Spanish, French or German then Lindoda is your first premium choice

Introduction to Leaning a language through Lingoda

If you’re looking to learn a language and with so many language course providers out there offering a massive selection of courses, why have recommended Lingoda above all the others given the limited number of languages available? It’s simple, pure quality.

They may only teach a handful of languages, but they do so extremely well and don’t spread themselves too thin. If you’re serious about learning English, Spanish, French or German online then there really is no better choice.

If you need to really prove your English skills and stand out, Lingoda are the first to offer the “Linguaskill from Cambridge” test as an official agent that demonstrates your CEFR level (A1-C1) proficiency to employers, educational institutions and government bodies worldwide.

Of course, if you’re looking to learn a language other than English, Spanish, French or German then there are still great options available which you can find on out Learn a Language section, so don’t worry!


English, Spanish, French and German online courses


With Lingoda you can choose between 1-2-1 tuition or small groups that go through a course together, keeping you motivated along the way and making sure you reach your goal with ease. You can find more information on the languages they coach following:

English   –    Spanish    –   French    –    German

Whether you’re a writer, an aspiring writer or wanting to show off your mastery of English from oversees to a prospective employer, Lingoda are uniquely placed to teach you from the ground up or to polish your existing skills. Not only that, but you can be assessed through Cambridge’s Assessment centre to really stand out amongst the crowd

With 20 countries worldwide speaking Spanish as a primary language, and 450 million people speaking Spanish around the world, it is certainly one of the most useful languages to learn to speak, along with Mandarin.

Whether you want improve business relationships in Spanish speaking counties or simply get more from your vacations, you’ll find Spanish one of the most rewarding languages to learn!

With 29 widely distributed countries and regions speaking French as a primary language, it is arguably just as important as Spanish despite fewer people (only 275 million…)

With a reputation for culinary excellence, many people flock to the southern shores of France for a getaway in the sun, why not learn to speak like a local from a native French tutor and immerse yourself fully in French culture!

With many businesses choosing to relocate to Berlin and other German cities as an industrial hub in Europe, German is another key language to learn, whether you’re relocating to Germany for work or doing business with German organizations. With only 5 countries speaking German as a primary language, it may not seem so essential, but with 130 million people and growing speaking German, now is a great time to get ahead start learning an ever increasingly important language!