Mandarin Blueprint

Learn Mandarin, the world's second most spoken language, online

With the ever increasing growth of the Chinese market and Mandarin being the second most spoken language globally after English, more and more people are finding it crucial to have a firm grasp of Mandarin and having conversations with Chinese counterparts. Even more so in the modern age of businesses being digitally focussed and “The Great Chinese Firewall”, meaning businesses from outside of China need to build meaningful relationships with companies “on the ground” in China

Introduction to Leaning Mandarin with Mandarin Blueprint

Mandarin Blueprint focuses on (you guessed it!), Mandarin, and only Mandarin. While there are other language tutors out there that also cover Mandarin, as with almost everything, you can rest assured that the service you get from a dedicated provider will be more comprehensive and understand the nuances and potential stumbling blocks of picking up that specific language.

Whether you’re looking to learn Mandarin for personal or professional reasons, you’ll want to learn “real Chinese/Mandarin”, nail the pronunciation and sentence structure to wow local native speakers. With that, Mandarin Blueprint have designed a range of packages for you to learn Mandarin “the natural way”, backing up their claims of “master 80% of everyday Chinese in as little as 2 months from zero”

Of course, if you’re looking to learn a language other than Mandarin then there are still great options available which you can find on out Learn a Language section, so don’t worry!


Mandarin & Chinese courses online


With Mandarin Blueprint, you can learn every aspect of Mandarin in one place, including a full end-to-end course, individual modules listed below or find specific bundles to suit your needs:

  1. Pre-phase: Pronunciation
  2. Phase 1: Learn Chinese characters 
  3. Phase 2: Learn Vocabulary
  4. Phase 3: Learn Grammar (Sentences)

Starting from the ground up, learning Mandarin can be particularly challenging given how different the characters are compared to most languages around the world, so Mandarin Blueprint start you off with some pronunciation basics that will help you through the rest of your journey and stamp out those bad habits from the start

It’s one thing knowing how to speak and pronounce those words you’ll be using and mastering, it’s another thing entirely to recognize those words in Chinese characters. This is where you true learning begins after warming up on the pronunciation. Mandarin Blueprint understand that this is perhaps the hardest part of mastering Mandarin so they use the “Hanzi Movie Method” to make learning characters fun and easy!

Learning how to pronounce is recognize certain individual words is a great start and the bedrock on which you’ll build your mastery of the Mandarin language. But you can’t learn every single Chinese word! This is where Mandarin Blueprint teach you how to create super-effective mnemonics to learn any Chinese compound word almost instantly. “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. The same is true here!

The final piece of the puzzle, putting it all together. This is where you’ve taken the foundations and fundamentals of how pronounce, recognize known words and discern new words to truly be able to form completely new sentences and paragraphs correctly and dazzle native speakers with how well you grasp one of the world’s hardest languages. Now you can go forth and reap the benefits of your work!