Learn a Language Online with Immersive Video Quizzes, Assignments, and Progress Tracking

At the upper-end of the modern market, FluentU is at the forefront of modern online learning techniques and deliver engaging material and formats that we’ve come to expect compared to some well-known but antiquated technology of learning formats. At first glance, the price point may seem high, but when you take their free 14 day trial, you’ll see why it’s worth it 

Introduction to Leaning a language through FluentU

Created by people who have learned new languages for themselves (similar to us with professional courses and career change) the old-fashioned textbook way, FluentU are no strangers to what the textbooks lack and deliver high-quality, multimedia material and customisable accounts with personal flashcards for you to keep in areas you need additional practice. They offer school packages that schools can use to aid teaching an entire class, but the good news is you can have one just for yourself!

With an accompanying app for Android, iPhone or iPad, you can check in while travelling or general downtime in front of the TV, no need to clamber back over to your laptop. Of course everything is available through their website too.

FluentU is based on a subscription service that you can have unlimited access to for as long or as little as you need, as opposed to “buying a one-off course”. If you can master your new language of choice in just one month, then great! If you need a little longer then it’s there for you as long as you need.

With this subscription which you can cancel at any time, it put the impetus back onto you to keep up with you learning and reach your final goal. One-off courses where you pay upfront and can take in your own time have a tendency to be abandoned if you’re not ready to commit… they’ll always be waiting for you, just like that project that’s been sitting there for months, maybe year… Hey, there’s always tomorrow right? Sure. But this pricing model keeps you driven until you no longer need it. Of course you can decide to pick up a second… third language too!


Practically any language you could want to learn, all in one place

Besides the number of languages you can learn through FluentU and the scores of high ratings and recommendations, they make learning fun, and they make it stick! By learning a course through FluentU, you will get:
  1. Website, iPhone app, iPad app, Android app
  2. Video Dictionary
  3. Word Lookup on every word
  4. Courses with Videos, Audio, Flashcard sets
  5. Access all languages in one account
  6. Personalized Quizzes
  7. Spaced Repetition
  8. Create Your Own Flashcards

At home or on-the-go, your new language is never out of reach! Say goodbye to “dead time”, now you have no excuses, and when you get that itch to brush up, everything you need is right to hand!

Find a video clip that includes the term you’re looking for and never mumble a word again because you’re not 100% sure how it’s pronounced! While you’re there you can start absorb how that word is used in context

Unsure of a particular word, what it means or how it should be used? Just look it up and find real-world examples written by a native speaker. Faux pas are now a thing of the past when talking to locals for forself!

Along with your course, or courses, you get access to both video and audio formats, as well flashcards that you can choose and customize just for you for a truly personal learning experience that’s both entertaining and challenging!

That’s right, your account isn’t tied to a single course or language. With just one login you can keep track of your progress with as many languages as you like all at once! What’s more, it’s all covered by your same subscription

Their advanced systems create quizzes especially for based on what you’ve covered so far and what you’re struggling with (if anything), meaning you can focus on your weaker areas and not repeatedly go through the motions

Practice makes perfect! But interleaving and spacing are tried and tested methods in the field of psychology (we learnt that online with an edX psychology course!). FluentU have put this approach into practice with their bespoke algorithm

We touched on this above, but you’ll know better than anyone which areas and words you just can’t remember or be sure of (there’s always something…) FluentU have opened up the ability to create your own snuff out those weak points