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It’s finally time to make that life-changing decision you’ve always dreamed of, right here, right now! For some, to learn a language is like learning to play the piano, you’d love to be able to do it one day, but maybe not today, and really it’s just a nice to have. But hey, no piano concerto was ever written with that sort of thinking! For others, it’s an outright necessity in the modern age of global business. How many jobs have you seen for multi-lingual people lately?! Regardless of your motivations, there are some no brainers depending on what you need to learn

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Best for: Cambridge-backed English, native tuition

Or learn German, French or Spanish in small groups or private classes from qualified, native-speaking teachers

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Mandarin Blueprint

Best for: Everyday Mandarin (go figure!)

Master 80% of everyday Chinese in as little as 2 months, something that's increasingly more valuable

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Best for: Interactive learning on-the-go, vast range

A truly modern way of learning a language. High quality courses with interactive downloadable apps

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Rocket Languages

Best for: American Sign Language

With more than 1,400 5-star reviews, Rocket Languages is one of the few providers that covers ASL