IXL Homeschooling

Mathematics & English Homeschooling Curriculum with in-built analytics for parent and child performance

With tailored tutoring for your country’s curriculum across every school year, IXL is the truly global platform for you to tutor and homeschool your child. With integrated real-time diagnostics on both how your child is progressing and how you are performing as a tutor with pointers to help both sides get the most out of homeschooling, IXL is not merely another online learning repository. Focusing mainly on Mathematics and English, IXL still offers additional curriculums in other subjects dependent on where you live

Introduction to Homeschooling Your Child Through IXL

Homeschooling can be seen as a two-way street, a contract you enter with your child that they will learn and that you will provide them the guidance that they’d get in the classroom. Handing your child a login to a learning resource alone won’t do the job. Remember when you were a child? Remember when you couldn’t wait to put everything you had into doing your homework? No….?! That’s because you didn’t, no one did!

IXL know this all too well, and they really understand what it means to “home-school”, it’s not “home-learn” after all, that’s something grown-ups do when they’re mature enough to fully understand the benefits of becoming better educated and qualified, as well as having the discipline to keep on top of a learning schedule.

That responsibility falls on you, as a parent, to guide your child as best you can.. They simply cannot do it alone. Along with a curriculum for 42 countries, IXL have a real-time diagnostics tool that keeps track of exactly where your child is and where they should be, which areas they’re struggling with and exactly how to address that.

Most importantly, they have an analytics section along with their diagnostics that show you (yes, you!) how to be a better tutor and make better teaching decisions for your child and have a greater impact on their learning success.

What’s more, they offer 20% off your first month, which is already a very affordable service, and you can choose which subjects to add to your package

For other specific subjects not necessarily covered by your country’s curriculum see our Early Learning page for more resources

As well as being available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, India, Ireland, Latin America, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Korea (and many more…). You can also get:

  1. Dedicated iOS & Android Accompanying Apps
  2. Custom Learning Plans
  3. Supercharged Action Plans
  4. Full Monitoring Analytics
  5. Workbooks & Downloadable Resources

Download and connect the app to your child’s device, meaning you don’t need a computer for every child! Apps are fun and intuitive as well as have free-form handwriting functionality for submitting answers to quizzes and tests

Pick & choose which specific elements you want to add to your plan and highlight which skills your child needs to focus on. In most countries there are more options than simply Mathematics, English and Science, with more added constantly

Know where you need to get your child to and then get them there! IXL will give in-depth analysis on how they’re doing and what they need next. More importantly, they’ll show you exactly what you need to do to get them there!

Your kids aren’t the only one being judged! Don’t worry, IXL won’t tell anyone else! But what they will do is tell you where you yourself should be focusing and give you plenty of invaluable guidance on how you can be a better teacher

Variety is the spice of life, and also the key to keeping your kids engaged! Not everything needs to be online (despite what your kids might say…). IXL offer downloadable content and workbooks so they can do something away from the screen