About Us

A little about the Dayin team & why we're here

Dayin’s mission: to find you the best so you don’t have to – in this case, career change and online education. Whether you want a Day-inside or a Dayin a city, we use local expertise and personal experience to ensure you get the very best advice possible. What better way to experience the world than a “guided tour” from a local or subject specialist?

Career Change with Dayin Courses & Education

Other than where the institute is based and the language they use, there’s nothing “local” about the vast majority of online courses or career change, so we try to be as global as possible, allowing accessibility to services, no matter where you live in the world. We want everyone to be able to benefit from our combined knowledge.

Dayin’s founders are, and have always been, massive proponents of online and remote learning, completing many of these courses from when they first arrived, and have built careers around those very subjects learned in those courses, from accounting & finance through philosophy & psychology to programming, statistics & machine learning (AI). Going onto create bespoke management & automation systems for some of the largest domestic brands and global digital networks, we’re living proof of the career change you can achieve through the professional partners you’ll find here.

When we speak about edX, Lynda (now LinkedIn Learning) and DataCamp we speak from experience. We place quality above quantity, so you won’t see many recommendations from us (we’re very choosy), but we won’t recommend any partner to you unless they’ve got our seal of approval, in many cases through hands-on experience. 

Of course, there are some that we haven’t yet had the pleasure of experiencing for ourselves, but we’ve done our research to make sure that these partners meet our exacting standards. So, if you’ve seen them here, they’ve passed the test.

Optimization: the action of making the best or most effective use of a situation or resource.

The situation: ‘Covid-19’ has you ‘locked’ in the house. It may well have also led to you not being able to work, at best furloughed, at worst redundancy.

The resource: You. You are your greatest asset. You know your strengths, you know what you gave your last employer, and how underappreciated that was. But how to show that, how to sell your talents and capabilities?

All the schools have closed…. All those students are learning at home….

Dayin has researched the best online courses for you. For you to learn, to develop, and to showcase your talents. At the next interview, you can throw in ‘gained certification from Sanford’, ‘attended lectures from Ivy League Professors’, or simply wax lyrical about all the new exciting things of which you are now a master.

Oh, and last but not least: the little’uns – get them learning online too, make sure they can have a great life & look after you as you deserve in your twilight years.